Why are beautiful Ukrainian women so looked down upon?

The Russian and Ukrainian women are very similar in many ways, including the good looks. They are pretty much the same in regards to all the external aspects. The only difference is that it’s more common for Russians to have blue eyes. And whilst the beautiful Russian women are relatively popular (at least on the Internet), the equally beautiful Ukrainian women fall short way behind.

Table of content:

  1. Do people even know anything about Ukraine?
  2. Ukraine isn’t very hospitable
  3. The recent events
  4. The general mood
  5. Prejudice against the Ukrainian women
  6. Ukrainians speak much worse English
  7. It’s easier to date Russians overall
  8. In conclusion

Why is it so? Is there some widespread prejudice against the Ukrainians? Or maybe people are just ignorant of Ukraine and everything in it? To answer these questions we’ll need to search a bit of the Internet and also equip some common sense for once.

Do people even know anything about Ukraine?

It’s pretty possible that folks in the larger World don’t even know what and where Ukraine is? If that’s true, then it’s pretty obvious why everyone’s so ignorant about its population.

And alas, trying to find some information about the general knowledge about Ukraine outside of Europe exposes the interesting results. And they are quite convincing as well.

See, in 2014 the Washington Post conducted a survey among the Americans to see how pissed they are about Russia’s military action against the Ukrainians. They asked two questions: ‘do you want the US to send troops to Ukraine’ and ‘do you know where Ukraine is’.

Survey: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/monkey-cage/wp/2014/04/07/the-less-americans-know-about-ukraines-location-the-more-they-want-u-s-to-intervene/

Well, the results to the first question are unclear, but it’s the results to the latter one that matter: only 16% of Americans know where Ukraine is.

Now, that’s not a very fair survey. First of all, Americans are generally ignorant and they can’t answer for the entire World. Though, of course, most of the countries in the World (safe for Europe) have less access to the Internet (read: knowledge), it may or may not even it out. Secondly, it wasn’t even a nation-wide poll.

But in favor of this data — not many people in the World care about Ukraine as much as America did in past years. If they can’t find it, what’s the chance that others will care to.

Ukraine isn’t very hospitable

If those beautiful Ukraine women are identical to their Russian cousins, the only question that stands is ‘where should you go’. And if you can only choose to visit one country and not the other — chances are, you’ll pick Russia. By far margin, too. Ukraine may be rich culturally and historically, have many sights and interesting locations, but that’s not what you hear from there.

The recent events

The only two things that you could hear but didn’t want to are Chernobyl and the war. And whilst Chernobyl may improve your interest a bit, the war that still goes on will dampen it greatly. Sure, if you research you’ll find that it’s somewhat of a stalemate at the moment and it only affects a little bit of a country in the East of it. Not many people do research, however.

The general mood

Ukraine had the highest crime index in Europe in 2018. And it’s not only murder, mind you, but the robbing, stealing and scamming as well. Well, you won’t die instantly if you step your foot here — people here survive somehow. But you’ll probably be recommended to not go astray and follow shady tourist routes somewhere.

As you can see, Ukraine isn’t the safest harbor in the World. The country isn’t as developed and as safe as Russia. Therefore, the choice is obvious. Many people don’t even consider going here, deeming Ukraine something of a Russia’s funny cousin. Overall, you can imagine that a tourist here is as valuable as gold.

Picture of a disappointed Ukrainian

Prejudice against the Ukrainian women

As much as beautiful Ukrainian women maybe, people largely tend to ascribe vicious traits to them. You can’t name a lot of models, sportswomen, actors or singers among them. But the main belief the European users of the Internet like to laugh about is that they are all without exceptions prostitutes.

It’s not so, of course, but when something funny comes up — the people in the Web hold onto it for a long time. It’s mostly the Internet belief, so it doesn’t matter much.

But there are a few more grounded and less interesting beliefs you probably heard, like:

-Ukrainian women only care about your money. This belief derives from the good Ukrainian tradition of scamming rich Europeans. The beautiful Ukrainian women use their natural benefits to take your money and leave you, and that’s the whole scheme. Naturally, not every single one of them is like this, don’t worry;

-Ukrainian ladies aren’t very faithful. This one is another rumor which ultimately translates to ‘Ukrainians are greedy and dump you for a pile of money’, which is pretty subjective. And ‘subjective’ largely means ‘we do not know but speculate’, hence it’s not really viable;

-Ukrainian women are… very passionate, and not necessarily in a good way. Slavs generally like to start the stink on many online platforms. Ukrainians are just lucky enough to have something really terrible to talk about. That’s pretty much why many people think so. Rightfully, too;

Ukrainians speak much worse English

It’s a widespread notion that folk from the former Soviet Union barely speak any English apart from their own. That’s fair, they don’t. But Russians at least have some sense to learn it at least to a minimum degree. On average, English in Russia isn’t that respected. But it is even less spoken in Ukraine.

You’ll never meet a person who speaks good English outside of the capital, Kiev. Some don’t even speak Russian, only communication in their own Ukrainian. Conclusively, conversing with your regular Ukrainian woman is pretty hard unless she’s one of the few hundred thousand people in the country who can speak adequate English.

This lack of language may be quite enraging even — Ukrainians leave their homeland by thousands every year, never to return. And they somehow miss the hints that people abroad don’t speak Ukrainian at all, they refuse to learn any foreign tongue even after living years in the foreign environment. That’s silly and doesn’t serve the Ukrainians at all.

It also means that should you choose to date a Ukrainian lady, you’ll likely have a communicating problem. And that’s not very healthy for a relationship.

Image of a walking couple

It’s easier to date Russians overall

To be honest, no one sees any difference between a Russian and a Ukrainian. Even the languages sound very similar. So, for most people, it’s only a matter of convenience. Who would you be more comfortable to date? The answer, for the most part, would be ‘Russian’, and here’s why:

  1. You’ll find that Russians speak English on a pretty adequate level if you know where to look. Chances are, if you ever venture to Russia, you’ll stay in one of the biggest cities (Moscow, Petersburg, Kazan, etc). Coincidentally, these are the cities with the highest percentage of the English-speaking population. But for the Ukraine’s cities, you can’t say the same;
  2. The general public knows at least some of the Russian culture, making interaction much less painful. But in the case of Ukraine, these same people don’t know anything other than maybe a few truthful stereotypes they’ve heard somewhere. Knowing the Ukrainians’ concern about their independence and sovereignty, interaction under such circumstances may very well be painful;
  3. Russia is so much more comfortable to visit and stay, and that was covered already

Mind you, that only concerns the general public and why they shun the Ukrainians so much. If you know something about the Ukrainians already, it doesn’t include you.

In conclusion

The beautiful Ukrainian women are shunned or ignored by the general public for several reasons. The main two are that they know nothing about the country and its culture and that it’s not very comfortable to be in Ukraine physically. There’s also a prejudice against the women themselves, but given that not many people know about Ukraine, this factor is rather diminished.

Do you want more advice on how to deal with the Ukrainian women? Check out some of the other articles on this website. Or you can also watch the video below if you don’t feel like reading:

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