Why Ukrainian blondes want foreign husband

Disappointing figures for the country are reported by UNIAN. It is noted that in general, the number of marriages in Ukraine over the past ten years has decreased by almost one and a half times, but the number of concluded unions of Ukrainians with foreigners is growing. In 2008, 11.4 thousand mixed weddings were registered in the country, and in 2017 – already 15.5 thousand. That is, if in 2008 every 30th marriage was made with foreigners, then in 2017 – every 15- th. And this data is only for marriages in Ukraine. For example, in Poland over the past two years, the number of marriages concluded by residents with citizens of Ukraine has more than doubled – from 400 to 1 thousand.

Table of content:

  1. Love preferences of Ukrainian blondes
  2. Stereotypes about Ukrainian blondes
  3. Why do western grooms want to marry Ukrainian blondes
  4. Do Ukrainian blondes really prefer western men for marriage
  5. Why Ukrainian blondes do not want to marry local men
  6. Ukrainian blondes appreciate respect and love
  7. How a western groom can attract Ukrainian blondes
  8. The secret of Ukrainian blondes

Love preferences of Ukrainian blondes

The preferences of Ukrainian blondes by countries of origin of grooms have also changed. If 10 years ago the lion’s share of “external” gentlemen came from the CIS – more than 60%, now representatives of the countries of Europe and Asia are in first place. Moreover, Asians are most – almost 40%, Europeans – 31%, then come from Africa, America, Australia and Oceania.

The popularity of overseas husbands among Ukrainian blondes is also confirmed in marriage agencies. According to their estimates, the number of marriages with foreigners over the past five years has doubled at least twice, and the number of appeals from Ukrainian women to international matchmakers has increased by at least five times.

Moreover, if before the agencies mostly young Ukrainian blondes of model appearance who were looking for a wealthy patron abroad came to husbands for their husbands, now women from 35-50 years old, including with young children from previous marriages, are actively looking for foreign grooms.

Ukrainian blondes learn to be patient and hardy

Stereotypes about Ukrainian blondes

Americans and Europeans treat Ukrainian blondes with caution. There, along with the positive image of a Ukrainian-faithful wife, another stereotype reigns – a beautiful predator who only lures money. It turns out that the negative image of Ukrainians is the result of fraudulent schemes. Foreigners spend thousands of dollars communicating with Ukrainians, which do not exist.

Since childhood, Ukrainian blondes learn to be patient and hardy. As a rule, Ukrainians are independent and self-sufficient; they are not afraid of difficulties. However, a man should not be afraid and should not consider Ukrainian blondes as soulless and inhuman creatures. No, Ukrainian girls have a cheerful disposition, they are gentle, kind and infinitely tolerant.

Why do western grooms want to marry Ukrainian blondes

Ukrainian blondes have recently been very popular among men living in developed countries. And this is natural, because every worthy man wants to see next to him not only a smart and purposeful woman, but also a beautiful and attractive one. Ukrainian blondes combine all these qualities. Ukrainian blondes are very attractive, they are rarely vulgar or repulsively rude. The family plays a huge role in the life of a Ukrainian woman. Ukrainian blondes know how to cook, they are able to please anyone. Ukrainian cuisine is striking in its variety and choice of dishes. As a rule, Ukrainian blondes want a lot of children and an ornate strong family. They are wonderful housewives and caring mothers. Most Ukrainian blondes are well-read, educated and cultured women. The sound of the Ukrainian language has a special charm, it is a harmonious and musical dialect.

A huge number of beautiful Ukrainian blondes are currently registered on dating sites

Do Ukrainian blondes really prefer western men for marriage

There is no definite answer to this question. A huge number of beautiful Ukrainian blondes are currently registered on dating sites, so we can really conclude that they are interested in finding a foreign groom. And if the desire of all these girls is the same – to go abroad, then the reasons can be completely different.

Ukrainian blondes are very sincere and open to honest relationships. They really want to find love, and often they do not care where – at home or abroad. But, disappointed in the local suitors, they begin to think that Western men are better and will be able to give them the warmth they need so much. Another important factor is the shortage of Ukrainian men. Therefore, there are not enough men for all Ukrainian blondes, so they are looking for a husband in Europe or America.

Why Ukrainian blondes do not want to marry local men

One of the main reasons for the desire of Ukrainian blondes to the West is the abuse of alcohol by Ukrainian men. Although today’s trend around the world is a healthy lifestyle and fitness, not all Ukrainian men follow a similar example. This is especially true for unemployed men who live in small villages, where they are bored and have nothing to do but drink alcohol. Educated Ukrainian blondes who want a happy relationship with a loving spouse and have healthy children do not want to spend the best years of their lives on alcoholics. Therefore, Ukrainian blondes are looking for a foreign bridegroom, because Americans and Europeans do not have such problems with drinking alcohol, and they are usually more physically and mentally healthy.

Ukrainian blondes appreciate respect and love

Most Ukrainian men have forgotten that such a respectful attitude towards women and rarely demonstrate love and tenderness in ordinary life. Western grooms are more polite and affectionate, and this is what attracts Ukrainian blondes to them. In addition, Ukrainian girls consider foreigners more open and sensitive in terms of the manifestation of their feelings.

Ukrainian blondes are smart and hardworking, and they need a husband with the same character and the same goals. If a girl has a good education, a good job and she has established herself in the profession and in life, then, naturally, she wants to find the same successful person as her husband. The problem with local men is that they are mostly lazy and indecisive. Western men know what they want from this life, and this indicates their independence and maturity.

How a western groom can attract Ukrainian blondes

A groom from the West who wants to get acquainted with Ukrainian blondes already has an advantage, since girls from Ukraine are attracted by foreigners. What attracts – no one knows, apparently a combination of qualities. Foreigners differ from local grooms almost completely – starting from appearance and ending with the manner of dressing and the ability to communicate with women. However, the fact that a man came or writes to a woman from another country is not enough to win the hearts of Ukrainian blondes. A man must prove to them that he has precisely those qualities that a woman from Ukraine needs to see in her future husband.

The secret of Ukrainian blondes

Ukrainian blondes prefer mature men. Unlike Ukrainian suitors, Westerners are oriented towards a decent life and success; they are usually very confident in themselves. They know what they want and do everything possible to achieve their goals. If Western men can demonstrate these qualities when meeting with Ukrainian blondes in reality or online, then half the battle will already be done.

Ukrainian blondes differ from Western women in loyalty and devotion to their husbands. Not a single Ukrainian woman will ever deceive her man. If she loves him, then this is forever. If love has passed or a man has offended his wife, then Ukrainian blondes do not forgive this. They leave without regrets.

Another secret of conquering Ukrainian blondes is the ability of a man to cheer a girl. Ukrainian blondes love men with a sense of humor. If a man is able to laugh at himself or play a trick on others, then the Ukrainian will appreciate this trait. Ukrainian blondes are light, calm and not scandalous women; therefore it is easy to communicate with them and build a family.

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