A comprehensive guide on how to date a woman in Ukraine

Perhaps you’ve been wondering how to date a woman in Ukraine and whether having a romantic relationship with a Slavic lady is different from having a romantic relationship with a girl form you home town. Well, it’s different indeed.

Table of content:

  1. How to start dating a Ukrainian woman online
  2. Dating Ukrainian women in real life
  3. The advantages of a Ukrainian marriage agency
  4. Qualities to demonstrate when dating a Ukrainian woman
  5. Tips on dating a Ukrainian woman

Dating culture is every county has its own peculiarities, and although the world is growing increasingly smaller due to globalization and extensive use of the internet, we still manage to retain our differences. If you’re determined to make a relationship with a Ukrainian woman a wonderful success, there are certain things that you should take into consideration.

Find a beautiful and caring Ukrainian woman for love and marriage

How to start dating a Ukrainian woman online

With the majority of love stories with Ukrainian women starting on dating sites, it would be wise to start our article with a few words on online dating. First of all, it’s rather crucial to choose the right dating site. There are plenty of options over there, but not all of them are considered good.

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For example if join a free dating site that was set up as a scam, the chances are you’ll end up wasting your valuable time and perhaps even losing your money. But even if such things happen to you, the key is to stay positive and not to lose heart too easily. There are plenty of legitimate and trustworthy dating sites whose purpose is to connect people from different countries and even continents.

Make sure to research on a site before you become a member. Read the feedback from its previous clients, search for success stories. Generally speaking, it’s strongly recommended to give preferences to sites with a paid membership – they have lots of advantages to offer, including a large database of Ukrainian ladies’ profiles, a good search tool, plenty of communication options and support system in place. After uploading your profile, it’s the time to ask yourself a question – how to date a woman online? Well, here are a few tips on how to improve your chances of getting a single Ukrainian woman:

  • Use the search tool to find women who are most compatible with you.
  • Contact lots of them in order to improve your chances.
  • Start a correspondence with a few girls and see which one of them is more like the woman of your dreams.
  • Establish a special connection with this woman and start dating her online.
  • Diversify your experience by using different communication tools – emails, SMS, phone calls, video chats and so on.
  • Do “real life” things to keep the fire burning – send her handwritten letters from time to time, set up Skype dates, send her small gifts and flowers through a local flower delivery service and so on.
  • Become an important part of her daily life.
  • Plan a trip to Ukraine.

Dating Ukrainian women in real life

However, we must admit that online dating is not an ultimate solution. Lots of people find the concept of dating someone who is thousands miles away unacceptable and strange, to say the least. If you’re one of these people, than you have no other choice but travel to Ukraine and try to find a woman right there.

Of course, approaching women in a new country sounds like a daunting task, but things are not so difficult in reality. Ukrainian girls are very friendly, and quite a lot of them don’t mind starting a relationship with a foreign men. That said, it may not be very productive if you approach random girls on the street or in public transport. That’s why it’s advisable to use the services of a local marriage agency.

The advantages of a Ukrainian marriage agency

There are several marriage agencies in every major Ukrainian city that are geared towards providing matchmaking services to foreign men. If you visit their office in person, you’ll be able to choose interested girls form a catalogue and set up a date with each of them in order to see whether you have a chance with any.

As a rule, managers of a marriage agency know all the girls from the catalogue in person, and they will be able to give you a valuable advice in order to increase your chances. Besides this, marriage agencies in Ukraine will over you a heap of other useful services: airport transfers, services of a professional interpreter, help with renting an apartment and so on.

Qualities to demonstrate when dating a Ukrainian woman

Meet gorgeous Ukrainian women for dating, love and romanceIf you wonder how to date a woman in Ukraine and maximize your chances, the answer is to demonstrate a set of qualities an average Slavic girl appreciates the most. Let’s name a few of them:

Confidence and assertiveness. Girls in Ukraine admire men who know what they want. They want a man to be strong willed and confident. They want him to be a leader in a romantic relationship, marriage and life in general. No one is interested in having anything to do with a hesitant and meek man who can’t be trusted with making important decisions in life.

Generosity. Simply put, Ukrainian women don’t like greedy and stingy men. Of course, it doesn’t mean you should start throwing golden coins left and right in order to impress a girl, but you shouldn’t complain and whine about money at the very least.

Honesty. A Ukrainian woman will be able to make out at once whether you’re serious about having a romantic relationship and starting a family, or it’s just about playing games. Be straightforward and honest with her, talk about your plans for the future, about your priorities in life.

Family oriented attitude. If you wonder, how to date woman in Ukraine and marry her at the earliest, the secret is to reveal your family oriented attitude. A Ukrainian woman won’t date you if she hasn’t considered a possibility of becoming your wife and mother of your kids, and she is not likely to date for years before you decide to propose to her.

These are only a few personality traits a Ukrainian woman values in a man, but they are extremely important. Before you decide to date a Slavic girl, try to figure out whether you sound like a person who possesses all these qualities. If you do, then what are you waiting for?

Tips on dating a Ukrainian woman

International dating sites for meting beautiful Ukrainian women searching for love onlineAnd here are a few useful tips on how to make your date with a Ukrainian girl a great success:

Dress to kill. Generally speaking, external looks are extremely important to a Slavic woman. She wants to have a presentable, good-looking man close to her. So make sure to take some effort over your appearance – select some stylish and click outfit, have a good shave, comb your hair, and wear a good cologne. After all, you should keep to some standards when dating a gorgeous Ukrainian beauty.

Bring flowers on your first date. Giving a woman you like a lovely bunch of flowers is an essential part of Slavic dating culture. Don’t bring a giant bouquet on your first date – it will be uncomfortable to carry it around. Some daisies, pansies or tulips will do perfectly well.

Think of a place to take your girl to well in advance. It’s not necessary to go for a traditional dinner in a cafe or restaurant. If you feel like choosing something more original, do it by all means. Ukrainian women appreciate inventive and interesting men who don’t ask all the time “where will we go?” and “what will we do?” They make sue to make a date interesting and memorable both for themselves and a woman they invite.

Discuss something meaningful. If you’re an introverted kind of man who doesn’t come up easily with topics for discussion, think about possible things to talk about well in advance. For example, you can tell a Ukrainian woman about your childhood and family – they like this sort of things. Or you can ask her about her preferences in art and literature, if you think this is something that can hold her interest. It’s also a good idea to discuss your plans for the future.

Use some Ukrainian words and phrases. A woman will be happy to know that you took some effort in order to learn a few words or sentences in Ukrainian before meeting her. It’s a kind of proof that you’re serious about this relationship.

These were only a few tips and hints on how to date a woman in Ukraine. The most important is to actually start dating, so go ahead!

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