Learn the most important things about giving gifts and shopping with women from Ukraine

The majority of the girls love surprises and shopping. That is why you do need to go with her sometimes in malls. It is not easy to survive that campaign without losing tons of money. However there are some ways to prevent it and to give her what she wants without spending a fortune.

First of all, try not to visit luxurious malls because your girlfriend from Ukraine will definitely buy some stuff there. The woman cannot simply observe stuff, she wants to possess it. That is why when she is in mood to walk through trading centers you need to offer her an option that unites good commodities and adequate prices. It might be even a market because they are quite popular in Ukraine. At the markets not only clothes are sold but also food, jewelry and some things that makes the atmosphere in the house cozier. You might think that the market is a bad place to come with the girl; however it is not like that.

The most important thing about shopping is that your Ukrainian woman is buying stuff when she passes by the stands with stuff. She simply wants to spend some money and that what makes her happier. That process of choosing and buying is a kind the same thing as watching sports for men. It is quite hard not to look with fear in eyes when she is buying some stuff in Dolce & Gabbana or in Dior, but at the market you do not need to have such a terror for money. All the stuff she is buying there costs less or the same as one t-shirt in a luxurious shop.

One more important thing is that many of the Ukrainian girls would love to have jewelry as a gift. It is connected with the traditions of the society when parents and the people around push the girl to look hot all the time. That is why everything that makes her more beautiful than before will be accepted as a perfect gift. Moreover you do not need to buy some stuff if it costs a fortune but looks horrible. There are a lot of men thinking that if the ring is gross but costly then it is a good stuff. It is not like that at all.

Sometimes you do not need even to buy anything. For the special occasions Russian women welcome hand-made gifts because they symbolize love most of all. They will see that you spend a lot of time for her because to buy something is much easier than to create. That sort of hand-made might be different, it depends on what you are able to make. For example, it might be a box for her jewelry or some plate decorated personally by you. The point is the hand-made stuff will be associated only with you and all the time she sees it she thinks about her boyfriend. Of course than closer relationships than more significant such a gifts for her are, so for the first date it is better to be traditional and to bring her flowers.

As a gift it is also great idea to present her a soft toy. The girls from Ukraine are like child even in their thirties but if the girl is younger then it will work out anyway. Of course you need to mind that the love to the soft toys highly depends on her character. If she is always a serious woman then there is no point in such a gift but if she is a romantic girl who wants love and everything connected with it then that is your turn.


Shopping with the woman from Ukraine is always a kind of disaster. You do not know what she is going to buy and how much money she wants to spend because even she does not think it over. On the other hand you might insist on places for shopping motivating that it must be interesting for you either. That compromise will save your money and at the same time she gets what she needs. Talking about the gifts you need to remember that the most important about it is that a present should be unexpected and good-looking. The price is not the matter of fact, because a hand-made gift costs only time for you but means a lot for her.

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