Where should you look to find Ukrainian girlfriend on the Internet

In many cases when you’d very much like to experience or enjoy something from across the world, it wouldn’t be very comfortable for you to journey to the place where you can enjoy this particular thing. It’s the same for dating Ukrainians, for instance. If you wanted to find Ukrainian girlfriend to date, you’d be left with two options: either travel to Ukraine or the nearest Ukrainian community or go online and try to find someone there.

Table of content:

  1. There isn’t actually a designated Ukrainian Internet
  2. So, where do you look for them?
  3. How do you find Ukrainian girlfriend there, exactly
  4. The Russian communities that speak English
  5. How to begin your search
  6. What communities should you try?
  7. The dating apps
  8. In conclusion

And it actually seems like a grand idea — the Internet allows you to experience lots of things in the comfort of your chair or sofa, on the distance. Plus, dating people via the Internet isn’t as shunned as you could’ve thought. It is a very valid way to find someone who shares your set of interests and is generally to your liking.

But if you know a thing or two about the Net, you may actually not be as enthusiastic about it as the next person. Here’s why and how to battle it.

There isn’t actually a designated Ukrainian Internet

For many non-English-speaking ethnic groups, there is a respective space on the Internet that they themselves design and create to their liking. Amongst such groups, you could see the Russians, the Arabs, the Persians, the Japanese, the Spanish, and many other wonderful ethnicities.

However, not Ukrainians. That’s the main issue with the Ukrainian users. There are several specifically Ukrainian websites you could find, but most of these people choose to, in some way, stick to the Russian side of the Internet, or to the English space, if they can.

So, if you decided to finally go and find Ukrainian girlfriend and then spend time with her, you’ll be in a complicated position. You could try the English websites and social networks for your search, but there aren’t many Ukrainians on Facebook, Twitter or wherever you’d look for them. Not a lot of those who can speak English freely, at any rate.

So, where do you look for them?

Lucky for you, the social networks and other websites specifically designed for people to communicate with each other usually allow their users to show the nation of their choice on their profile. And sometimes, the nation also matches the country where they were born and raised.

Not that someone would choose to lie that they come from Ukraine, it’s just that many Ukrainians choose to lie that they do not come from Ukraine, if you get the meaning.

So, there are actually a few options for you to choose from if you wish to put some effort into your search:

  1. Facebook. For some reason, the native Ukrainians prefer Facebook over any other communication platform. The reasoning behind this is unknown, but the fact remains — there are lots of Ukrainian users on this social network. You can even roll out the global search algorithm and see if there are any Ukrainians who like the same things you do. It’s one of the methods to find a soul-mate on the Internet, but there are others also.More about them below;
  2. VKontakte. Facebook may be a very popular website amongst the Ukrainians, but the VKontakte is still the platform where Russian-speaking people come to talk and share different kinds of content. Unsurprisingly, a large portion of them is Ukrainians. The reason why it’s no the best place for a non-Russian-speaker, however, is because the English-speaking people are scarce here, and English too isn’t spoken too eagerly. But you can still come to meet your chances. There are a few ways to do so.

Of course, there are also dating websites (just like this one), but the selection on these isn’t always wide and fine. In case you aren’t satiated with what you got on one of these, you can always try your luck on Facebook or VKontakte, and vice versa.

How do you find Ukrainian girlfriend there, exactly

Well, first of all, you need a person who speaks English (if you’re a speaker yourself, of course) at least on a good-enough level. But there’s also the issue of compatibility and hobbies. If you were lucky enough to find Ukrainian girlfriend who just isn’t your type or doesn’t share any of your interests, you’ll find that you aren’t actually that lucky.

So, you’ll need to dance between these two factors somehow. And there are actually a few places where both these issues may be negated. Though, your search there may still be a bit tiresome, for a few reasons.

Image of a Ukrainian female

The Russian communities that speak English

It’s easy to find of those in the VK, because, after all, that the Russian website filled to the brim with the Russian communities. And the studying of English is one of the most popular topics for the Russian communities.

However, there is a pickle. See, most of these communities are extremely dull. If there are any comments, most of the time they aren’t exactly filled with something incredibly intellectual.

How to begin your search

You could try to search the people you’d like to talk to by bringing up the list of subscribers or followers (in VK, you can do it by simply clicking on the ‘subscribers’ bar in the community profile) and then click on the magnifying glass icon. That is, if the community didn’t decide to hide the entire list, which they may.

The categories in the search menu that will open for you after that will include, among other things, the sex, the country and, if you need that, the city. All the things you need to find Ukrainian girlfriend who speaks English. By the way, they can highlight what language they can speak on their profiles. But if they don’t, you can deduce that via the publications and the communities she’s following.

What communities should you try?

Apart from the communities that allow you to learn English in some creative way (you can see that people are actually invested in it by the number of comments underneath the posts), you can also the humorous communities that take the entertaining content from platforms like Reddit, Instagram and so forth.

The advantage of such communities is that in many of them the posts aren’t translated, and the users try to speak English as good as they can, still being Ukrainians and Russians. Though, of course, you need to search for these extra-diligently.

The dating apps

There’s also one alternative way that allows you to talk to people in the comfort of your cell phone, and yet have a pretty wide selection of interlocutors. The dating apps, like Tinder, allow their users to designate what place they most identify themselves with — like Ukraine.

You can try to download the Russian dating apps for your quest even, but it is widely uncharted territory. There’s no telling if the one you picked has the English language available. The VK has the full localization, that’s why it’s so convenient in this instance.

Image of a hugging couple

In conclusion

The Ukrainian community on the Internet doesn’t exactly exist. That’s why it’s not very easy to find Ukrainian girlfriend even if you choose to look for them on the Russian websites, where there’s an abundance of them. The reason behind this is simple — there isn’t a lot of Ukrainians who can speak English on a good level.

If you don’t know how to navigate yourself online, finding them will be a genuine challenge for you. So, if you feel that this quest is too much for you, just visit the nearest real-life Ukrainian community you know.

With some luck, this article will be of help to you. When it proves so, look back and thank the author by look at the other helpful articles he’s written. Oh, you can also watch the video below if you’re not a fan of reading:

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