Learn what the best way to organize your personal meeting with the girl from Ukraine is

After you have found your soul mate at the dating web-site sooner or later the question emerges – how could you meet and where? Moreover, you need to make the first date unforgettable because it is your first face-to-face encounter so the place and time should be chosen perfectly. How to make it real? Where to date her for the first time?

The best way to make her feel comfortable and open-minded on the first date is to make it happen in Ukraine. She will feel free there so the contact would be much easier and there will be less awkward pauses. Of course, it is might not be that suitable for you because it is always a hard task to perform in the alien state however men should be stronger than women mentally. Moreover, the place should be familiar to her, so during your web conversation the man has to find out which places she would love to go on the special occasion.

Of course, you cannot ask her where to go even if it is your first time in Ukraine. If you do not get the information about her favorite places then you need to surf through the Net and find the restaurant where people from her city love to spend some time there. It must not be the most expensive restaurant or the most luxurious because for the first date a cozy atmosphere is that what you both need. It might be a small café where there are not many dishes however there are comfortable chairs and calm surroundings. It is crucial for your first encounter because otherwise you will sit in a noisy restaurant and you will be barely able to hear her.

It is also a good idea to go to the park in her city, because there are usually not that many people and so you can speak without obstacles. On the first date you need most of all talk to her and to be closer so that should be the main point in searching for the place for an encounter. That is why a great idea for the first date might be not only a park but also a sail on the boat if your girlfriend’s city has a river wide enough for it.

There might be also a situation that she wants to go to her state first. Some girls love everything new so if she does not want to have your first offline encounter at your country, let it be. Here you know better where to eat and what is the most suitable place for you. However the recipe of a good date is the same – quite atmosphere with a lot of opportunities to talk, hug and kiss. For example, you might go to the billiard club if you can play. Usually there are not many noisy people, so it might be almost private. Moreover there are usually VIP-rooms where you might stay out of someone’s eyes.

Do not choose activities like tennis or another sport for the first date because jumping, running and that kind of stuff barely will help you to know her better but both of you will feel awkward because of sweet and heat.

There are many ways to make your first encounter unforgettable for her. You need only to avoid crowded places because it lacks privacy that all the first dates need most of all. Moreover, try to look for the place where you do not need to do much. The first encounter should be pleasant and cozy for both of you so it makes her wait for the further relationships with you.

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