Find out why women from Ukraine try to look extremely sexy and what their expectations are

It is not a secret that there are lots of beauties in the countries of the ex-USSR. Almost every year the girls from Ukraine or Russia win such titles as “Miss Galaxy” or “Miss World”. That is why it is so interested how are they able to look that great? Why do they need to look so hot even in their everyday life?

One of the most obvious reasons for the girls from Ukraine to be so sexy is the demographical factor. There are not that many men as women in the country so there is a constant competition in hope to find the most handsome and successful man. Moreover, even for the guys who are not that cool-looking there is a battle. It is vital for the girls to find their partner so they need to be perfect all the time and everywhere because no one knows where your heart-mate might be met. On the other hand, it does not explain why are they still looking good even in the relationships?

Of course, the women from Ukraine have to look so sexy even in family life because they might lose their man of dream and then they will have to start everything again. However that is not the point. The main reason is that the girls who are not trying to look bright and beautiful are not accepted in the society. Even their parents and friends will push on her constantly asking why she is without make-up or why she is wearing so unfashionable clothes. The way of life in Ukraine forces the girls to look great because no one wants to be on the outside.

Moreover, there are a lot of girls that are looking great even without make-up. It is very curious why in Ukraine are there much more beauties than in the most of European countries? There is a theory concerning that problem. In the Middle Ages there was a hunt on witches in the majority of European countries. As a rule the witch was the girl who was at least very pretty and that why she’ enchanted’ men who considered that seduction as her evil magic. So they burnt many beauties in Europe. In Russian Empire there had never been such a hunt so all the beautiful girls passed their natural loveliness from generation to generation. That way nowadays we have a lot of beautiful girls in Ukraine or Russia and lack of it in the countries where the chasing of witches has happened.

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The last but not the least point why the Ukrainian women are trying to look hot all the time is that they do it for themselves. They adore looking great and see how a man is eating them with his eyes. They love to be the most in many ways and being the most beautiful girl all around is the highest reward for the girl from Ukraine because the competition for that title is higher than in elsewhere. Moreover, as well as many parents want their Ukrainian girls to be the most beautiful they help them on that occasion in many ways, buying expensive cosmetics and dresses.


It is the absolute true that the Slavic girls are around the prettiest in the world. They spend a lot of time taking care about their looks and dressings. Mostly they do it for the pleasure of the people around however it does makes any Ukrainian girl happier when she hears that she is the most beautiful one. For those words she keeps on doing make-up and looking for sexy clothes.

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