Find out what is the biggest turn-off for women from Ukraine in their relationship with western men

The conflict of cultures often creates troubles in human relationships. Even the two people from the same state talking one and the same language might belong to the two different social clusters and it will make their life harder. Moreover Ukraine
and the Western World are two completely different type of states and even now when Ukraine wants to be the same as Europeans it still has its own pitfalls that might ruin you relationships.

First of all, you do not have to diminish the importance of her family because all the Slavic people are stick together and they cannot live without talking to their siblings or parents much. Do not try to push her to forget about her mother for some time because it might lead in the best case to a scandal. Moreover you have to be glad to have her relatives from time to time at your home, because even a sign of your dissatisfaction might ruin everything.

The same as for parents you have to show your respect to her friends. They are very important people for her and they are quite often staying at the same line as a family. That is why try to be accepted by them because otherwise she will listen to them more than you and it might lead to break up. If her family and friends like you then everything is great in your relationships
because in case of a fight her relatives and meaningful people of her life will support a peaceful solution of the conflict.

One more crucial point is that you do not have to criticize her motherland. Yes, she might say that this is not the nest place to live but still it has been her home for many years so every man needs to stay polite talking about Ukraine. Of course there might be some sides of life that you cannot understand or accept but it still means a lot for her so do not try to drift her away from the cultural traditions. A person without roots becomes a lost person without aims and wishes. That is why she will defend her interests and habits at any costs.

A turn-off is possible when she does not understand the traditions of yours. That is why try to explain everything that she sees around if you live in your country. If she says that it is weird for her then your point should be a reasonable answer to her because the adaptation to a new reality is always painful and the understanding in the most of cases is the key to success.

One more opportunity to make your relationships broken up is to forget about her for some time. If the girl from Ukraine comes to another state she will feel lonely and it will get only stronger if you do not pay any attention to her because of work or because you are simply not aware of it. Slavic women need communication a lot and without it they become evil and gloomy so your girlfriend will make fights with you all the time, until you break up with her or understand that it is a simple wish to be at the center of your world.


The inner world of a girl is a mystery for man. It is even more cryptic when you date the girl from such country as Ukraine is because it is completely different way of thinking and traditions of the states. You need to be patient and do not to ask her to deny all her values because roots mean a lot for all of us. Understanding and explaining the odd things to her will help you to build tight relationships for a long time.

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