Find out how you can unknowingly destroy your relationship with little or no action at all, and how to avoid it

When singles are looking for a partner they are not that squeamish
as they are becoming in the relationships. That is why some words and phrases that at the beginning you girlfriend from Ukraine have not noticed at all, soon are becoming important and abusive. However, if you do not know that it hurts her, how to avoid that words and actions? How to make right decisions and say right things to her?

First of all, if you have a deal with a woman you have to know that the lack of action and even it absence might be a disaster. The same is with the abundance of it. That is why it is so hard to understand, why she is sad or depressed. There might be the following reasons for her sorrow:

You have forgotten about one of the important dates of your relationships history. That is why it is crucial to remember at least when the first has been and when there is an anniversary of your relationships, for example half a year or year and so on.

You have not said that she is looking beautiful in her new dress. For the first time it might stay unnoticed but if it keeps on repeating then it might lead to the serious crisis in the relationships. That is why it is a must to remember compliment her, saying how she is bright and perfect. It will make her happier and she would feel being important in your life because the main person for whom she tries to look good is her man.

Every man has to visit her mother and relatives with her at least some times. That is a rule that cannot be broken. She thinks that if you do not go with her to her parents then she is not an important part of your life. That is why try to reject her invitation to visit her parents as rare as possible or at least motivate it somehow.

You always have to listen to her because if you miss even a couple of words she might be abused. OF course quite often men are so concentrated at something that they cannot notice a thing around but it is not a reason for women so the only way out is to be attentive all the time.

You have not helped her nor have sad nothing good about her idea. Almost every woman is like a small child that is why you’d better say her compliments dedicated her thoughts. Of course some of them are not realized but at first you need at least say that it is creative way of thinking and she is so smart as if she has produced such a conception. It works not only with women but with men either, because no one loves when their ideas are only criticized.

If you are working a lot and do not see her quiet enough it might spoil relations as well. You have to keep a balance between her and job, because the lack of attention leads her to depression and as its consequence her desire to leave her boyfriend.


Never tell her that she cooks not good because it still takes some effort to prepare a chicken, even if it is over or under salted. It is a very delicate topic so here is no place for critics. Even a piece of advice might be painful for her because the kitchen is her territory and that is why she knows best what to do. Here the solution is to add salt or to drink more water. If it is over or under-salted she notices it and admits her mistake herself.

All in all, the relationships consist of details and you have to always work on it. Even one day might spoil everything good that has happened before, especially if she is not in a mood. That is why a mix of minimum critics and a good amount of praise might inspire her to the new enterprises and your family life will be happy and almost spotless.

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