Three major reasons why foreign-Ukrainian marriage fail

Sometimes marriages break up. It might happen not only with the relationships with a foreigner, but with local people either. However dating a girl from Ukraine is not the same at all as dating the girls from somebody’s own country. What is wrong with those Slavic girls or is the problem connected with their personal traits?


Money makes the world go around and makes the girls from Ukraine marry the guys from the rest of the world. Unfortunately that is true to life. Of course, it would be abusive to the Ukrainian women, if it is said that they all of that kind. However many ladies see in their husbands only their fortune. It is not that easy to understands whether the girl of that type or not, because they are sly and crafty and they are able to make a man believe in her pure intentions. However, sooner or later absolutely every man understands the ugly truth. That is why his marriage breaks up and he has to start again.

Of course, it is possible to be prevented. The easiest way is not to show her all the fortune you have. Every man has an ego that commands him to show off. However if the one is able to suppress that pathos for some time, he will get relationships with a girl who loves him but not his capital.


Moreover, if she knows that her husband has a fortune, there might be a way out. That is a marriage contract. The girl who is interested only in money will make a huge scandal, but the one who loves will understand that. Of course, it will not be pleasant for her, because in Ukraine such a contract is a sign of mistrust but anyway, it is the only way to be secured.

Different cultural values

The majority of the wars on the Earth began simply because of misunderstanding each other’s cultures. If people from two different countries are dating, they have to accept the vision of the world of each other. It is not a secret that French people see the world in one colours, when Ukrainians in the other. For example, it is a tradition in Slavic countries to make an abundant table for the celebrations. Sometimes people put all their money simply because they want to deliver joy to their guests. Many Europeans guess that it is not necessary and form the other hand that is expensive. So scandal begins.

Moreover, for Slavic people family is of the highest importance that is why her mother is coming not a couple times a year but almost each week and if you live in one city then almost every day. Of course, families are different however meetings with relatives are happening quite often. In the Western countries it is not that widespread to visit the parents every day. Usually it is only huge celebrations, so it might be a reason for misunderstanding.


Such cultural aspects always create problems in family life, so the couple should be ready for them or the marriage will crack.

Different characters

That is the most widespread problem. People might accept each other’s cultures, they might be sincere in their feeling, and however they simply cannot live with each other. She loves getting up early, he – late. She loves noisy parties, but he is a supporter of a quiet life in the countryside. Or even he eats only meat when she is vegetarian. Different habits and views are the greatest obstacles for the happy family life. Sometimes there is no way to overcome them, so the couple simply has to break up, even if they do love each other.

There are many more reasons why the marriage of the girl from Ukraine and the foreigner might collapse. However those three are the most widespread so every man should be ready on that occasions and his family life will be happier than of the many others, who have not considered the problems that might emerge from nowhere.

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