What you need to tell your bride from Ukraine if you live on a tight budget

There is no such a phrase for a Ukrainian woman as a tight budget. Everybody in Ukraine is ready to spend last money simply to show off. It is one of the Slavic traditions, when you show your wealth and success even though you do not have it. That is why Ukrainians and Russians offer everything that they have to their guests without thinking about future. How to deal with it? How to explain your partner that it is necessary to spend money thoughtfully?

There are several ways to explain the future wife how to spend money correctly. Probably the easiest way would be to make a trip with her to the Western countries and let her observe how people live there. It is well-known that a typical German or French family always tries to cut costs. If a girl from Ukraine sees that it is a norm to economize for the majority people outside her country, she might at least think it over. Also she might admit that in Europe almost nobody wears furs and she won’t do it as well, because for Ukrainian women it is highly important to be in line with the people around. If everyone around tries to save money, then Slavic women undoubtedly will try to do the same thing.

One more thing that might help a bride to understand that money needs to be counted is to ask her to control all the expenditures. Sometimes Ukrainian people simply do not mind how much they spend. They waste money till the moment when the fortune will be completely evaporated. It is the only stop for them. However if they see how much money spending, they might stop doing it. It perfectly works for many modern Slavic families, so it must work out and for a Ukrainian girl. A personal list of expenditures allows looking at the situation from another point of view, which is might help your bride to understand better how to spend money wisely.


Moreover it is vital to discuss all money problems with a partner, because she needs to know, how much should she spend and which things she can afford at the moment. If something in her actions is unpleasant there is no need to shout at the girl because anger is never a way out. Cutting her off the supplies is not an option either. That is why that delicate question should be solved together by means of discussion. Every adequate woman will understand reasonable words, so the point is to be calm and confident, but persuasive. For example, if a bride wants a new cell, it will be good decision to offer her a compromise. No sweets and restaurants for a month and on the saved money she might afford a desired device.

Of course, it is not that easy to explain a woman how to deal with money, but if she sees the list of expenditures, she will understand which waste of money has been unnecessary. For example, her future husband might say her that she spends a lot. However without obvious facts she might not admit that point of view. On the other hand, if her man shows her that some buyings were needless, she might change her mind. The point about Ukrainian women is that they are not dull and they accept an appeal to reason. If nothing works, then the man has to offer some commodities, that would be the same quality but cheaper price. Of course, it will take some time, but it might work out.


All in all, the problem of women and money is very tough. The suitable solution could be found only in case if the woman completely trusts man’s wisdom and accepts all his decisions. Only nerves of steel might help overcome such a crisis, but without tranquility it would be hard to explain your girlfriend that she needs to take care of a family budget either. Anger will only provoke her and barely will it help her to understand that financial issue.

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