Having a romantic date in Ukraine’s Style. The do’s and don’ts

Romantic traditions differ from country to country. It is important to know about habits and expectations of a girlfriend, especially the one from Ukraine, because Slavic women have its own way of thinking, so some gestures and gifts that are welcome in the Western lands might be abusive here.

First of all, respectable man from the point of view of the Ukrainian woman has to come in time. Not earlier, not later. Of course, a girlfriend might be late however if a man comes later as well, it would be disaster. In the opinion of the girls from Ukraine their boyfriends must come before them and wait for the women, if they are late, not vice versa. The man who is behind would be thought as an irresponsible person, that the girl cannot rely on.

Moreover, every man is supposed to have a plan of a date. He must offer something to his partner, so it is inexcusable to ask the girl what to do, especially on the first date. The man must be confident and persuasive, because the majority of the Ukrainian girls are looking for a tower of strength, but not for a shy and modest boy.

It is important to order the right food. On the date, especially on the first one, it is unacceptable to eat with the hands, so it is better to avoid ribs, pizzas or chicken wings. Barely will someone like a guy who is covered with ketchup or who is eating like an animal. Many girls from Ukraine like when their partner can use a fork and a knife appropriately, so it would be awesome to practice some time before the dinner, if there are problems with etiquette. It would be even more impressive if a man knows which spoon or fork to use for the main, dessert or starter.


Of course, every date means a good chat. That is why it is highly important to keep balance in talks. Any man, even the best teller in the world, must talk not more than 50% of the time. There is no need to keep on telling one story by one, because the girls from Ukraine like to talk as well. It is sometimes better to be a good listener which is ready to add some thoughtful remarks, but it is unacceptable to interrupt a partner.

As for the place for a date with a Ukrainian girl, it might be absolutely everything. Of course, it is not the best idea to jump with parachute on the first date, but something original will definitely impress a partner. For example, a couple might go to the park and ride a horse there. Typical Ukrainian date means visit a cinema or a restaurant. Undoubtedly, if there is a good movie or an excellent food, then it will work out; however girls are fond of surprises. That is why it is better to think everything over and offer her something that she barely has done in her life. First impression is the most significant one, so a creative date might separate a man from the rest of previous partner of the girl, so she will definitely wait for the next meeting.


The last but not the least point is not to complain or criticize. Ukrainian girls are interested in a confident partner who is keeping everything inside and not bursting out with his thought all the time, especially on the first date. It is better to be a bit restrained, because it will create an enigma for her and that is why she will be more interested in a man. Ukrainian girls adore challenges and they will be happy to discover some edges of a partner’s soul without helping from the outside.

The girls from Ukraine demand attention to their personalities most of all, because men from their country are usually absent-minded and cannot even admit that their women looking gorgeous. Some compliments might break the ice and the conversation will be smooth and pleasant. The point is to be attentive and Ukrainian woman will be glad to continue relations with such a man.

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