Ukraine, a country with the Only Child Syndrome, how it can affect you and your fiancé’s family and sex life

The problem of the only child is quite widespread in Ukraine. There is a prominent decrease in a birth rate after the collapse of the USSR. It is getting harder and harder to bring up more than one child so parents deliver all their love towards their only son or daughter. It influences their future life in many ways.

First of all, such girls are quite ego-centric. For example, they get accustomed to take what they want without considering the feelings of the rest. That is why in sex they are supposed to be dominant one because they want to get satisfaction first for themselves and only then for their partners. It is not easy to offer them something in bed that they would not like to do or even afraid. They need someone very persuasive otherwise they would simply reject any of your proposals.

Moreover, if your Ukrainian girl is the only child, she might have sex only when she wants it. Wishes of the partner might not be even considered. From the other point, she adores an attention and if her partner does please her, she might quickly give up rejecting his proposals and spend a night full of love with him. In other words, the singles in families are quite often force other people to do what they want and to pay to that girls as much attention as it is only possible.

The same is happening in a family life. They might forget to share some stuff or food with you simply because they do not get accustomed doing that. They had no need to think about sharing before because the parents of such girls from Ukraine have always encouraged their wishes. It will take some time until your girlfriend will be able not to finish a huge cake alone and will offer some piece to you.

Particularly the same situation will be in a sex life either. First she will not consider your own wishes and only with time she understands that her partner needs pleasure the same way as she does. Of course, the period of that adaptation to the new conditions depends mostly on how good she has been brought up and how many friends she has.

Even the only child might be a very altruistic person. If her parents had to work all the time, she would have had to help them on household occasions such as cooking, cleaning and etc. Usually parents of the Ukrainian girls have to work much that is why ego-centric women are not that widespread in the country. There the only child syndrome works quite often on the contrary and the only daughter grows up a devoted woman who wants to help her parents or boyfriend and tries to be with them as much as it is possible due to the lack of attention in the childhood.


That is why in order to keep her family close and tight she will do everything for that. The only child from Ukraine enjoys the attention to her personality and she will do everything whatever it takes not to lose it. It will do vary the sexual life because his pleasures will be hers either.

The only child syndrome might highly influence your sex and family life in both ways – negative and positive. That is why it is important to know the background of her childhood and to make right conclusions out of it and you will have a girlfriend of your dream.

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