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Learn some of the reasons that may cause your fiancé from Ukraine to turn away from you and how to avoid them

Women are a kind of aliens for a man. You never know what is on their mind and that is why many relationships fail without an obvious reason for guys. The same is with the girls from Ukraine. While singles want one thing, when they finally have found somebody they start wishing anything else. So, how to predict their changes of mind and how to keep the relationships firm?

The main problem with all the relationships is that after the first weeks of happiness the emotions are slightly fading. It opens her eyes and reveals that everything is not that spotless as she has guessed. For example, at first she might not notice that her boyfriend loves sports, that she hates or that he eats tons of onions that smells not pleasant for her. It is obvious that on the first dates everybody tries to look perfect in partner’s eyes but it is impossible to continue like this forever. Sooner or later the traits of character are becoming visible. Then what to do?

First, a boyfriend has to point out at the positive moments that they have had together. Negative things are always ahead of kindness that is the problem. However if she does not like the only thing in her man, the latter has to try to diminish this destructive for relationships effect. He might try to work on himself. The same is for her. If people love each other, they will try to change. Usually a small sacrifice like the rejection to watch sport sometimes might significantly improve the relationships.

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Often the girls starts getting upset because their husbands or grooms paying not that much attention to them as before. That is true that a man after he has conquered her heart starts forgetting to make something special for his girlfriend. For example, if he has brought her flowers and candies earlier almost every day, but now he does it rarely or even does not bring at all. Of course such a change will influence the girl’s mood in the most negative way. She has got accustomed to the gifts and now she has nothing. The way out is simple: her man ought to bring her presents more often or to substitute that gifts on something else like more attention to her person, helping in household or something else.

Moreover, sometimes men have to be simply more modest at the first dates. Because if you do not avalanche her with the tons of gifts at the beginning, she will not expect it later. The same is with everything else. The future of the relationships depends on the beginning drastically. If something wrong with her mood now that means her boyfriend has stopped doing something he has always done before. That is why when you see her sad you have to remember what you have done before to make her smile. It will work out again; just do not forget to make her pleasant surprises.

One more thing that bothers women is a less interest from her man. She wants always to be at the center of his universe and that is why if he shifts slightly his concerns towards work or something else, she will be sorrowful. Keeping the balance is an incredibly hard task however there is no other way out. Good relationships demand work on them all the time so even a week rest might spoil everything good that has been before.


All in all, the main problem in the relationships is the loss of passion towards a partner. The man has to show his girlfriend or wife all the time that she is what he is ever wanted and needed. Both partners have to understand that there must be place for sacrifice in the relationships and that prey will not be useless. A good boyfriend has to find a place for his girl all the time in his life whether he has a problem at work or simply wants to relax because the key to success in man-woman relations is in solving the problems together, not alone.

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