Casual hookups VS Serious relationships on Brilic

Brilic dating app is also known as an international dating app for serious relationships. But how do we define “serious”? In my opinion, taking life seriously isn’t about showing a grumpy face while signing a serious contract. Actually, because life is short, taking life seriously should be about laughing more, dating multiple women and enjoying life to the fullest. That’s my definition of taking life seriously. So, I’d like to discuss casual hookups and serious relationships on Brilic dating app – both categories are important.

  • My friend Nathan and I are looking for different things online. My best friend Nathan and I are similar in many ways, but when it comes to dating and relationships, now we have different goals. My goal is to find as many casual hook-ups as possible because I’m only 32 years old. Nonetheless, Nathan’s goal is to find a wife and get married soon because he is already 40 years old. As a result, both of us created dating profiles on Brilic dating app, but we were looking for different things. Totally brilic app
  • My casual hook-ups with gorgeous girls that I met online: I downloaded Brilic dating app in December last year and I’ve been using this international dating app for four months now. In fact, I have a spread sheet to record how many hot girls I’ve hooked up with. I know it’s funny and nearly laughable, but I’d like to start a new habit – writing down my hook-up journal in an Excel sheet: Basically, I write down a woman’s name, her main features (age, nationality, blue eyes, black hair, etc.), her job (a nurse, an accountant, etc.), our secret jokes (I call her “cupcake” and she calls me “Mr. Big”) as well as her phone number. So far, I’ve slept with 28 pretty women that I met on Brilic dating app. That means the conversion rate of this international dating app is pretty high.casual hook-ups
  • My favorite casual hook-ups since December 2018: Since December 2018, I’ve hooked up with 28 gorgeous girls. I’ve given each of them a nickname because that can increase our intimacy levels. My favorite casual hook-up is an encounter with a Chinese woman called “cupcake”. She is a 25-year-old nurse who also dresses up like a nurse in the bedroom. I even asked her, “Would you fantasize male doctors in the hospital?” She literally said, “Well, the real reason I want to become a nurse is because I want to marry a doctor – doctors make a lot of money & I want to marry a rich man.” Wow. I really like her honesty. I know many Chinese girls are very mercenary because they are practical, down-to-earth and smart. I guess the fact that she was just hooking up with me means I’m not rich enough to meet her standards! Well, actually, I’m doing quite well, but maybe my income can’t compete with a doctor’s income, because as far as I know, a seasoned surgeon makes nearly half a million dollars a year! Anyway, this Chinese lady is hot and horny. She knows how to moan in the right way and is able to verbalize her feelings in bed. That really turned me on. She told me that most Chinese men don’t like talking dirty in bed, so she can’t marry a Chinese man! My second-favorite casual hookup is a sexual encounter with a Russian woman. We hooked up on the first date, which was seriously perfect! This Russian lady speaks English fluently and has read many English books, so I was truly impressed with that. I didn’t know she is so intelligent and well-educated because when I saw her for the first time, she looked too sexy! You know what I mean, right? It’s a bit hard for a guy to associate an extremely sexy girl with brains. But do you know that Marilyn Monroe was an avid reader!? Yes, that’s true. I read that once in a book about Marilyn Monroe – she had a big bookshelf because she was a voraciousreader.Casual hookups
  • Nathan’s findings on Brilic dating app: As for Nathan’s experience on Brilic, he also has some interesting stories to share. First of all, he met a wide variety of eligible women on Brilic and was filtering these women through his system –He has a wish list and his ideal wife must tick every box. His list includes these items: 1) This woman’s height should be 154cm – 164cm because Nathan’s height is only 168cm. 2) This woman’s weight should be 45kg – 60kg because Nathan doesn’t like fat women. Well, who like fat women? Only men who don’t have options date fat women! 3) This woman must have a university degree because he wants his beautiful wife to be able to teach kids in the future. 4) This pretty woman must look reasonably attractive so that she will make him proud whenever they go out together. 5) His perfect wife needs to be able to cook well because he can’t cook. In actuality, Nathan can’t do any housework and needs a maid! 6) His ideal wife doesn’t have to be a native speaker of English, but she should speak English fluently so that they can communicate with each other without a problem in their daily life. Over 4 months, Nathan met 19 gorgeous women on Brilic dating app, and 7 of them could meet all of his requirements. I would say that’s a pretty high conversion rate because Nathan is a picky guy! Secondly, Nathan argues that marriage is different from love. Marriage includes love, but love is only a part of marriage. Essentially, marriage is a partnership, i.e. two people join their resources together and create a new lifestyle (and possibly babies as well). Marriage involves emotional connection, intimacy and mutual benefits, i.e. money. That’s why looking for a wife to marry is VERY different from looking for a random lover to hook up with. Thirdly, it’s easier for men to find relationships because men are the gatekeeper of serious relationships. That means it’s easy for women to attract men because as long as a hot woman is reasonably attractive, she can get most d**ks in the world. However, she probably can’t convert most of these guys into her long-term partners. In contrast, men have the final say when it comes to whether they want to have serious relationships or not. Because Nathan has decided to get married soon, it’s time for him to interview all his candidates and choose the best of them all. He is the real boss!casual hook-up
  • Is Brilic a dating app for serious relationships? I would say most serious relationships start from casual relationships. Who would immediately start a serious relationship with a total stranger that they met online? Of course, every long-term relationship should begin as a casual hook-up. And then as time goes by, if two people get along well with each other and share mutual benefits, then they can consider having a serious, long-term relationship (AKA partnership). Therefore, I think Brilic dating app is a place for all kinds of possibilities – you can find serious relationship on this app, and you can definitely find casual hook-ups on this app as well. This is up to you. It all depends on what you are looking for. Whatever you are looking for you’ll find.

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