Ensure the woman from Ukraine is getting married to YOU and not to your country

It is well-known that the majority of women want to marry a foreigner only because they would like to change their conditions of living. It is abusive for the man because he is thinking that all she needs is he, no his passport. So how to find out what she loves the most – you or your citizenship?

First of all, if the woman wants to get to another country it will be noticeable in her speeches. She will tell her partner how much she wants to live in the other country and it might be the central topic of all her speeches. Of course, if the one is smarter, it will not be that easy to understand. However, when a foreigner speaks about his country her eyes might burn with a bright flash. It is not a good sign. You can ask her about her dreams and if there is something about the country you live in, then it is about time to think it over.

If her speech is not connected with the country then a man has to look for her body language. Usually if the person is interested in topic he or she changes the position of the body and lean slightly forward. If it happens only when you are talking about the country of yours then it is what she really wants. However if she pull her body slightly forward all the time when you are telling stories, that will mean she is interested in you. Moreover you can tell her about something and grab her hand. Then you can start talking about your citizenship and so on, her pulse might rise. If the story is not that exciting at all then she does want to change Ukraine for the other part of the world. Of course, not everyone can count pulse staying unnoticeable but after some training it will work out.

One more point for the suspicions is her constant talks how she hates Ukraine. Of course everybody might have something the government of their own country however unhidden malice towards the state means that person wants to leave the country as soon as possible. However, there are people who want to change the country but at the same time they will not do it without their foreigner. Not because they do not have an opportunity but because they love him and feel support. It is hard to perceive that difference however there are some ways.


For example, if she wants to change her country badly, she will ask to date in the country of him, not her. However if she does like her boyfriend, there will not be any difference for her where they have to have a date. It will be a good sign if your first date after meeting her online or somewhere else will be in Ukraine and she will be the first one to invite you. That means she is interested in you everywhere, because the majority of the girls are not that crafty. They will not create plans how to deceive you and then to move to the other state. Of course, there are some examples, but they are perfect liars and there is no option to unmask them. Thanks God there are not many of them and usually the girls with bad intentions are rather straightforward, so their deception will not be perfect at all.

Of course, it is not easy to unmask a dirty liar which wants only to get you citizenship. However those options described earlier have to help to understand her real intentions. The majority of the girls who tries to lie will be quiet straightforward so there are chances to catch her. Of course there are plenty of girls who loves a person, not the country because not everyone wants to change their motherland for the alien state, so there is a good chance that your girlfriend needs you not as a ticket to a new world but as a life partner.

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